What It Is

It is non-violent. It is non-confrontational. It does involve fighting a war, but this is an internal war only; it is a war for our attention and consciousness, and is fought against stifling mental habits, thoughts, negative emotions and unwanted (and often unexamined) beliefs.

There are no gurus. The whole point of the training offered here is to become your own guru. We have so many untapped potentials! We are capable of things we’ve never before dreamed of.

And we have lots of help from a group we call the Few, and from their Agents. The idea is to become Agents ourselves, so we can fulfill our reasons for being here.

There are no leaders that demand, require or coerce you into “following” them.

  • This is not a religion, so there are no religious leaders.
  • It is not part of any government, so there are no officials.
  • It is not a corporation, so there are no bosses or supervisors.
  • It is not part of the New Age movement as such, for there are no endless dogmas you must buy into to participate.

Instead, you are encouraged—and are given the tools to—find your inner leader, your inner guru so that you will find wisdom for yourself. Yes, the Few have an agenda, but it is infinitely flexible and there is a part of it made just for you.

You might call the whole thing an Autonomous Spiritual College. It’s spiritual in intent, it’s high level, college-like, and, at least here on the Earthly plane, your your own boss.

It’s a great job. It has the best perks anywhere. It’s the best possible job, in fact, if you can learn to do it.

That’s what our training is for.

What’s New About It

To be clear about what the New Spirituality is all about, here are some of its main features and details.

1. Many new scientific discoveries and understandings complement, correct, and extend metaphysical ideas that often seem at best fanciful to our modern minds, but which may really just need better explanations. Some of these are:

  • Plasma physics and quantum physics, for example, help us understand seemingly fantastic ancient stories and myths.
  • Specifically, the dependence of our conscious and orientation on the ambient EM field.
  • The cataclysm of 12,500 years ago, and it’s profound on the consciousness of humans.

2. New terminology and concepts:

  • No traditional religious terms or people.
  • No literal-only interpretations—they’re all out the window. Nearly all the old myths and stories are metaphorical and non-physical. Their literal-only meanings are often wildly inaccurate.
  • Therefore, no ancient, alien astronauts.
  • And no literal Virgin Birth (although there is a metaphorical one…).
  • No vengeful God
  • No guilt, original sin, hell or heaven.
  • No more childish, fairytale stories about religious topics—we’re all adults here, and can stand the truth.
  • No more pushing off responsibility on fictitious entities that really aren’t there. Instead, there is a great deal to say about spiritual, trans-human entities that really are there.
  • The secret of severed heads.
  • The esoteric significance of our Milky Way galaxy, especially its center in Sagittarius.

3. The primary sources from which The New Spirituality are derived include:

  • The Western Hermetic tradition
  • Central concepts and practices from Yoga and Tantra (which is simply the science of consciousness), including kundalini and Shiva and Shakti.
  • The Bhavadadgita and the Upanishads.
  • Idris Shah, and various Sufi materials.
  • The Holy Grail and Arthurian materials.
  • G. I. Gurdjieff, J. G. Bennett, and Boris Mouravieff
  • René Guénon, Julius Evola, Mircea Eliade, and Peter Kingsley
    and many more.

4. New concepts of our spiritual companions and kin. We are their equals, if we can only overcome the limitations that cataclysm of long ago left us with. Of course, there are also specific practices designed to overcome exactly these limitations. We can train ourselves to communicate with them and learn how to help them as we once did long ago.

5. Implied in the previous point is the radical, profound idea that we are much greater, much more noble, and much more vast and powerful than we have any idea of. The central goal of every genuine spiritual tradition is actualizing this potential in ourselves.

6. New, even radical interpretations of The Tarot and Zodiac that reveal secrets hidden from Church authorities over the past nearly two millennia.

7. These two systems of symbols, newly interpreted, provide a map of spiritual transformation that clearly represents ancient traditions that have cleverly and artfully hidden for centuries.

8. A new way to reunite spiritual traditions from East and West. Alchemy is seem as the Tantra of the West, for example. Far from being confusing or contradictory, such a fusion of concepts can elements missing from each side.

9. As a result of these (re-)discoveries, a whole new way to see and relate to the spiritual realms emerges, one that is conceptually clear and direct.

10. A new way to see human potential, both individual and collective, and a streamlined way to realize it for anyone willing to let go of existing beliefs and try.

11. Most of us, as nearly everyone realizes, are being oppressed at least part of the time. (Think about it: economically, occupationally, emotionally, and so on.) What The New Spirituality offers is a new way to view why this is so, and exposes the weakened elements that we need to strengthen in ourselves to achieve a much broader inner freedom—both freedom from circumstances, and freedom to engage much that is new.

12. This oppression amounts to nothing less than a covert war being waged against us by the Powerful in the world, although in the United States in particular, this war is getting less covert all the time, as the billionaires have long since taken over much of the government.

13. This means a new view of “absurd good news,” for each person right here on Earth. No more waiting for death or some unlikely future event.

14. The New Spirituality offers an alternative to scientific Darwinism and materialism on the one hand, and religious fundamentalism on the other, that empowers every person and restores unlimited hope and potential.

15. New myths are offered that we can use to understand ourselves and our roles in the Cosmos. These include the best of ancient teachings, but without the literal and often purposely misleading literal baggage they became encrusted with.

16. What the widespread stories of a Golden Age really refer to.

17. A new understanding of archetypes and the so-called collective unconscious that help us understand how they operate and how we can use them for our benefit.

18. The New Spirituality includes an end to the suppression of the Feminine, which has had dire consequences in the West for a very long time. With this restoration, the real meanings of many mysteries emerge:

  • The real meaning of the Virgin Birth.
  • Mary Magdalene and the pregnant Empress.
  • What the so-called Fall of Man really was, and what (not who) caused it.
  • Jonah and the whale.
  • Jacob’s ladder
  • Lucifer, the “shining one,” the wounded Fisher King, and the hamsa bird.
  • The rebirth of the Phoenix.

19. The hidden power of music to alter our consciousness in amazing ways.

20. The pervasive idea of competition is debunked, in favor of co-operation. New ideas on community may help support a new consciousness and an array of new purposes we discover for ourselves.

21. Finally, The New Spirituality offers a new understanding of the purpose of human life on Earth. Gurdjieff came close with his concept of reciprocal maintenance, but it is greater than even he envisioned: we have a responsibility to assist the living Cosmos evolve—a Cosmos of which we are an integral part.

What it is not

acupuncture, affirmations, nutrition, trainers, life coaches, essential oils, lit scented candles, soaking in energetically balanced baths, listening to soothing music, burning incense, putting magnets under your pillow, wearing amulets around your necks, recreational drugs, fortune telling, or astrology …

None of these are the New Spirituality.

Nor is it blindly adopting the opinions of others, no matter how prevalent these may be. It is instead finding the knowledge of things by direct experience. Here, this means learning how to expand the reach of your consciousness. It means learning how to come to Peace with the world, then learning how to Be Still inside. That is the only place personal truth may be found.

Why we need a new spirituality now

  1. The old ways aren’t working for millions of people. They’re just not relevant enough for modern life. People are weary of the institutionalized and outdated belief systems that center around dogma, superstition, archaic customs, irrelevant prescriptions of behavior, and ineffective exhortations of faith. For them, inner doubt and emptiness have risen to unacceptable levels.
  2. New approaches must be developed that have the potential to attract many people. These must be centered not around the religious beliefs of others, but around growing and direct inner knowing—which is the essence of true spiritual awakening.
  3. Ancient systems—whether religious or spiritual—don’t work in modern times where the environment, consciousness and circumstances are quite different than when they were formulated. The ancient knowledge upon which these old systems are based is universal and eternal, but the systems they are clothed in must constantly be updated to remain relevant. Otherwise, they do not improve people; they only misdirect and waste time.

What’s needed now are not opinions, but information about what is possible, and tools that lead to increased inner knowing. We need new systems that can deliver both. And these are always systems that go within, rather than merely languishing in the outer world.